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FORCIOT® SKID Starter set
€1.249,00 (VAT 0%)
FORCIOT® SKID is not just a sensor plate that measures weight, it is a fully automated monitoring system for supply chains with advanced IoT sensors.  Data is stored in Microsoft Azure IoT cloud. FORCIOT® SKID Starter Set consists of the following...
FORCIOT® SKID Sensor plate
€199,00 (VAT 0%)
Skid is an intelligent plywood covered sensor plate that is used with web based FORCIOT® SKID -web application for real-time inventory management. Several skids can be attached together to cover larger areas and integrated into the application for...
€150,00 (VAT 0%)
One FORCIOT® SKID Gateway can handle multiple skids within the bluetooth range of approximately 30 m from the gateway depending of the location and surroundings.  Multiple FORCIOT® SKID Gateways can be connected into the same FORCIOT® SKID system....
VARTA CR 2032 Battery 2 pcs
€6,00 (VAT 0%)
Varta Professional battery.Type: Coin cell LI/MNO2Model: CR 2032Model number: 6032Voltage: 3 VCapacity: 230 mAhSize mm: height 3,2, diameter 20,0Non-Rechargeable
FORCIOT® SKID Corner clip
€5,00 (VAT 0%)
FORCIOT® SKID Corner clips are used to connect skids to each other to create larger measurement areas.  One clip can be split into two pieces and is used to connect two skids to each other. Size 60 x 60 mm. Estimated delivery time September 2021.