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Automizing manual Just-in-time (JIT) process’ with FORCIOT® SKID

Automizing manual Just-in-time (JIT) process’ with FORCIOT® SKID

The just-in-time (JIT) inventory system is a management strategy that minimizes inventory and increases efficiency. FORCIOT SKID helps to automate replenishments as close as possible to when they are needed. Consumption of semi-components in production lines can be challenging to track for Just-in-time replenishment. Typically, there are some raw materials or goods that are not tracked in the ERP system or the data in the ERP system is not reliable. Those materials are tracked manually by visual inspection.  Having manual work creates costs and risks to disrupt operations.

Raw-material orders can be automated directly to production sites from suppliers based on real-time consumption. Deliveries from subcontractors can also be managed in a similar way.  One of the great benefits of an IoT system is that data can be shared to several stakeholders easily.

Supply chain delays can impact revenue

No real-time visibility of the inventory causes supply chain delays that are costly.  Availability suffers and there could be temporary stockouts or overstocking because of safety stocks. Whenever operations are manual, there is room for human error in the warehouse or production site. The worst-case scenario is that some crucial raw material runs out and the production stops. That can impact customer deliveries hence the revenue.

Recurrent replenishments can be automated without any user intervene

FORCIOT® SKID is an easy-to-use IoT solution with weight-based measurement plates called skids. Skids are intelligent measurement plates which are placed under the monitored pallets. Skids can be used at several points of the supply chain from manufacturing to points of sales.  

If in the production line or warehouse the same weight pallet is always replenished, the process can be automized by setting Inventory Level Monitoring on with automatic reset. Whenever the pallet load is too low system alerts, and when the pallet is filled again, monitoring continues automatically.

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