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FORCIOT® SKID Sensor plate

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FORCIOT® SKID Sensor plate

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Skid is an intelligent plywood covered sensor plate that is used with web based FORCIOT® SKID -web application for real-time inventory management. Several skids can be attached together to cover larger areas and integrated into the application for monitoring warehouse fill rate and to optimize order processes. The FORCIOT® SKID system manages inventories of materials that are not possible to identify as single objects in an intelligent way – based on weight.

Note! This is an additional product to FORCIOT® SKID Starter set and cannot be used without the FORCIOT® SKID Gateway and FORCIOT® SKID Web application. 

Technical specifications:
Size: 600 x 800 mm, half Euro pallet size
Thickness: 15 mm
Weight: 3.7 kg
Surface material: Ply-wood (IP40)
Battery lifetime: 1 year
Bluetooth range: 30m
One switch: Bluetooth reset & on/off