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FORCIOT® SKID Starter set

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FORCIOT® SKID Starter set

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FORCIOT® SKID is not just a sensor plate that measures weight, it is a fully automated inventory monitoring system for supply chains with advanced IoT sensors. FORCIOT® SKID is a unique solution to manage inventories of materials in an intelligent way based on the load. Skids are easy to use, lightweight measurement plates that are placed under the monitored goods or pallets. Data is stored in Microsoft Azure IoT cloud. FORCIOT® SKID Starter Set consists of the following components:

1 pc FORCIOT® SKID Gateway for data transmission
2 pcs FORCIOT® SKID Sensor plates 
2 pcs FORCIOT® SKID Corner clips to connect skids to each other
Access to FORCIOT® SKID Web application (max 5 users) 

Monthly subscription for FORCIOT® SKID Web application 9,50 € vat 0 % / month is automatically charged on this product. Invoicing will start 14 days after the delivery and three months subscriptions are invoiced at one invoice.

Stock Monitoring
Material Flow Management
Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
Consignment stocks

Key benefits:
+ Real-time data
+ Digitalization of operations
+ Better availability
+ No overstocking
+ Automating replenishments

General terms of FORCIOT® SKID system