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FORCIOT® SKID gives real-time data which digitalizes operations and cuts manual work. Automating orders optimizes inventory, backs better availability and helps avoiding risks of stock outs.


 No more “Oh no, we have run out of stock.”
There are goods that are not tracked in any system or materials that cannot be counted as single objects, and therefore there is no hard data on how much is left. Traditionally these goods are manually monitored, resulting in a huge risk to operations.
Now having visibility to real-time data is possible!
FORCIOT® SKID is a unique solution to manage inventories of materials that are not possible to identify as single objects in an intelligent way based on the load. Skids are easy to use, lightweight measurement plates, that are placed under the monitored goods or pallets.

FORCIOT® SKID provides real-time inventory monitoring with no effort needed from warehouse workers.

No more manual work – get real time data like never before!

A factory uses special chemicals to wash the production line. These chemicals are not tracked in any system: the factory workers are visually inspecting them and notifying procurement when more needs to be ordered. lf the chemicals run out of stock, the production line must be stopped until more chemicals arrive. Close calls happen monthly.

FORCIOT® SKID measurement plates were placed under the pallets of IBC containers with chemicals and an alarm notification is sent directly to the procurement department when the chemicals are running out (in practice when 25 % is left). The production manager does not need to deal with the close call situations anymore and workers can focus into productive work.